Fight for Fair Animal Shelter Funding

Clermont Animal CARE Fight for Fair Funding
As the provider of animal sheltering and animal control services for Clermont County, Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society (CACHS) is doing more for the animals of Clermont County than ever before, yet we are woefully underfunded. The funding we receive from the county is far less than previous shelter operators and the $310K contract revenues don’t even cover the basics of care outlined in the contract itself.

Here are the facts:

  • Clermont County Humane Society received $351,300 in 2014. Increased 3% annually (a standard in crease in county multi-year contracts), that would be $419,471 today.
  • Clermont to the Rescue received $330,000 in 2015. Increased 3% annually, that would be $382,560 today.
  • Since the contract was funded at its highest point in 2014, county revenues have increased 14% while shelter funding has decreased 12% in that same timeframe. The animals and people of Clermont County deserve better.
  • Clermont Animal CARE has been operating at a contract budget equal to 19-26% less than previous shelter operators.

Despite these funding shortfalls, we and our generous supporters have carried the burden of lifesaving in Clermont County to the tune of $561K in our first year of operation. And our results are impressive:

  • Animal intake is up.
  • Intake of owner-surrendered dogs is up a whopping 700%.
  • We’ve helped more than 1,300 cats despite $0 county funding to do so.
  • Dog adoptions are up 54%.
  • Dog Euthanasia is down 44% since 2017 and all euthanasia is down 96% since 2014.
  • Our Live Release Rate is 98% – the highest in county history!
We are asking for FAIR funding from the county, for the animals. Funding that will merely cover animal control expenses and the cost of basic care to provide our contractual obligations of “intake, housing, feeding, caring for, adoption of, destroying and disposing of stray dogs at the end of a legally required 3-day stray hold”.

That is What We Are Asking for – Nothing More

Clermont Animal CARE is prepared to pick up where county responsibilities end. We will continue to contribute, and to fundraise for, and to ensure that the county shelter is caring for cats, taking in owner-surrenders, and keeping stray dogs alive more than just 3 days – services that are not provided for in the existing county contract. Clermont Animal CARE is committed to no-kill animal sheltering and we don’t put an expiration date on animals’ lives. But we can’t continue to do that if the county doesn’t cover the basics.

Last year, no-kill animal sheltering cost Clermont Animal CARE $871,351, yet we received just $310,000 from the county. We are asking our county government to fund $599,864 of this amount to cover the BASICS required in the contract, to bring us closer in line with other county spending on animal services. If they cover county responsibilities, even at the “catch & kill” model of animal sheltering, it will free us up to deliver no-kill animal sheltering and use our funds to continue to provide and expand animal services that we know the people of Clermont County expect and our animals deserve.

Make a Donation

We Need YOUR Help!

If you’ve read this far, we know you care. But unless your elected officials hear from you, they won’t know. So tell them!

Below are the names and contact info for the three Clermont County Commissioners. Call them. Send emails. Write letters. Do it for the animals — for the ones you love and the ones who may never have known love. But do it now! Because “later” may be too late…

#ItTakesAVillage #SaveThemAll #ClermontCARES

Commissioner David L. Painter
President of the Board
(513) 732-7300

Commissioner Edwin H. Humphrey
Vice President of the Board
(513) 732-7300

Commissioner Clair B. Corcoran
Board of Commissioners
(513) 732-7300

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We need YOUR HELP to ensure that Clermont County animal shelter receives the funding it needs to keep animals safe. For far too long, county government has underfunded the animal services budget and tragically, animals have suffered as a result. As recently as 2011, 81% of animals who entered the shelter were killed.

Today, Save Rates are at an all-time high and pets are finally safe in Clermont County - for the moment. But unless elected officials that you demand fair funding for the people and animals of Clermont County, we risk losing all the tremendous lifesaving progress that has been made in the past two years.

To support the Fight for Fair Funding, please click the button below to sign our online petition.