We’re Growing

Clermont Animal CARE has been selected as the next vendor for Hamilton County animal services!

The county’s 50+ year provider, SPCA Cincinnati, announced last summer that they are stepping away from county services to focus on their Sharonville shelter. As we have been considering our future as an organization, we sought opportunities to expand our lifesaving reach in the community and decided to submit a bid for a chance to serve a neighboring county. We are thrilled to announce that our proposal has been accepted and that we are in contract negotiations with the County to provide services to assume management of operations at Hamilton County’s Northside dog warden services and animal shelter location on August 1st (yes, that soon!), while continuing to run animal services in Clermont County.

We’re excited to lead this progressive, lifesaving transformation of the Northside shelter and commend the Hamilton county Commissioners for making this bold and significant commitment to the welfare of people and animals of their county. Our team is ready to bring progressive, best practice, animal sheltering to Cincinnati!
Clermont Animal CARE Still Cares

It is important to make clear — winning the bid in Hamilton County in no way impacts our commitment nor our ability to deliver the same high level of animal services to Clermont County that we always have, nor does it diminish or interest in continuing our partnership in Clermont county in 2021 and beyond. We have a strong team of animal welfare professionals capable of operating both Clermont and Hamilton County animal services simultaneously, with separate staffing, boards and budgets, but with one humane society executive leadership team and a common philosophy, consistent culture and shared vision. This is a unique opportunity to build on what we have created here in Clermont County over the past 2.5 years.

We are currently in the third and final year of our operating agreement with Clermont County. We are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2021 Clermont animal services RFP and intend to bid. With our record-breaking success the last 2.5 years and the possibilities and opportunities that come with a larger presence in the region, we anticipate many more great years in Clermont!

We are excited about the possibilities and We Still CARE!

Stay tuned.

We’re Growing da Administrator
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