Terrier Dog Named Jingle


Primary Breed: Terrier
Age: Adolescent (1 - 2 years)
Size: Medium (25-59 lbs.)
Sex: Female

Jingle is an awesome dog. She has participated in shelter dog play groups where she had a blast playing with other dogs. She has even spent time in a foster home where she lived with children, and other dogs! During her time in foster she was able to do some fun activities like hiking and swimming, which she LOVED! Jingle would do best in an active home without cats, she loves her people, and would want to spend time doing fun things with them. She would also really benefit from some positive reinforcement training. She loves treats, and seems to love learning. Jingle can't wait for her forever home to come along!

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How to Adopt Jingle

Please review our procedures to Adopt Jingle. We do our best to keep our records up-to-date and accurate but our population is constantly changing. The best way to see our adoptable animals is to visit the shelter during Business Hours.

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