Rottweiler Dog Named Paolo


Primary Breed: Rottweiler
Age: Young Adult (2+ to 5 years)
Size: Large (60-89 lbs.)
Sex: Male

Ever dreamed of having a handsome Italian... dog in your life? If so, Paolo might be the one for you... after all, Paolo is Italian equivalent for Paul. Here at the shelter we all love our handsome Paolo. He greets everyone with a wagging tail, and a happy smile. You will feel truly welcomed when you see him for the first time in his kennel. He has handled kennel life pretty well considering he has been with us for basically an entire year, and has managed to keep his happy go lucky personality even though we are sure he is just dying to be free and find himself a good home. Paolo has many good qualities. He is smart, and really enjoys training to earn treats, he currently knows how to sit and lie down but the possibilities are endless if you want to teach him more. He would really enjoy it. Mr. Paolo also really loves his toys! He will adorably play by himself shaking, tossing, and tearing his toys, or if you want to interact with him, he would never turn down a game of fetch! In addition to loving his stuffed and squeaky toys Paolo also enjoys walks where he can sniff and roll around in the grass, volunteers absolutely love getting him out for a nice stroll around the shelter. If you really just want a cuddle buddy to watch Netflix with, Paolo would also be your ideal buddy. Here at the shelter he loves having a bed or soft blanket given to him, and he make sure to snuggle up and get comfy if given one. We know that the right home is out there for this great pup! If you are interested in giving this guy the home he deserves, please give us a call!

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How to Adopt Paolo

Please review our procedures to Adopt Paolo. We do our best to keep our records up-to-date and accurate but our population is constantly changing. The best way to see our adoptable animals is to visit the shelter during Business Hours.

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To ensure that we can continue providing exceptional service while keeping people safe during the coronavirus outbreak, we have modified our operations to require an appointment for all shelter services. Please call the shelter at 513-732-8854 to schedule an appointment for an animal adoption, drop off or pickup. Appointment are scheduled every half hour between Noon - 4:00 PM, seven days a week, and our phone lines are answered 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day. For after-hour emergencies, call 513-732-2231.