Kennel Sponsorships

Your kennel sponsorship provides crucial funding for animal care, food, housing, enrichment and quality veterinary care for our shelter animals. When you sponsor a kennel, your name will be displayed on the kennel and we will tag you on social media posts with a photo of the animals housed in your kennel throughout the year.

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We need YOUR HELP to ensure that Clermont County animal shelter receives the funding it needs to keep animals safe. For far too long, county government has underfunded the animal services budget and tragically, animals have suffered as a result. As recently as 2011, 81% of animals who entered the shelter were killed.

Today, Save Rates are at an all-time high and pets are finally safe in Clermont County - for the moment. But unless elected officials that you demand fair funding for the people and animals of Clermont County, we risk losing all the tremendous lifesaving progress that has been made in the past two years.

To support the Fight for Fair Funding, please click the button below to sign our online petition.