Humane traps, sometimes called box traps, are set in a safe location where the cats live or are frequently seen. The traps are designed so that they do not harm the cat in any way. Once a cat is caught in a trap, it is covered with a towel or blanket to help keep the cat calm. Then, the cat is kept in a safe, indoor place until surgery or transported to the veterinary clinic right away. While at the vet, the cat is sedated and then given a physical exam by veterinary staff.. The cat is spayed or neutered, given a rabies vaccine, and an ear tip. An ear tip is the universal symbol that an outdoor cat has been spayed or neutered, where about a ¼ inch of the left ear is surgically removed. The ear tip is done while the cat is still sedated and does not hurt the cat – it is much like getting an ear piercing! Because the cartilage is so thin at the tip of the ear, it is usually healed within a couple of days and rarely do cats even notice they’ve had one done! The cat is placed back into the trap to safely wake up from anesthesia, and, once awake, the cat is given a small amount of food and water and allowed to rest overnight. The following day, the cat can be released back outdoors.
This simple process safely and effectively improves the lives of so many cats!

What happens during TNR? da Administrator
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