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COVID-19 and Volunteering

As has been communicated in previous emails, we are “open for business,” but the shelter facility is closed to the public as well as volunteers. This means that our regular volunteer opportunities and shifts are cancelled for the time being. We will keep you updated, no less than bi-weekly via this newsletter, regarding the status of the shelter facility and volunteer opportunities.

We want to continue to engage you in your passion for helping our animals. So, we’ve developed some new opportunities that will allow you to continue to provide enrichment for our dogs while protecting the health of our employees in light of COVID-19. Beginning in the coming week, we will be offering the following:

  • Tip Top Shelter Dogs Training Classes – Carolyn Frias, Dog Program Manager and certified dog trainer, will offer training classes twice a week in the parking lot. Qualified volunteers can sign up in My Impact (up to 6 volunteers per class) up to 24 hours in advance. Each volunteer in the class will be assigned a dog to work with in basic training such as eye contact, sit, down, target training, and impulse control with a food bowl. Qualifications: must be 16+ years old, signed a Volunteer Agreement, have attended New Volunteer Orientation, and completed Dog Safety/Level 1 Training.
  • Off-Site Group Adventures – Twice weekly, a small group of 5 volunteers will take dogs out to East Fork State Park for a group hike. Volunteers are expected to follow CDC social distancing recommendations as well as our guidelines for keeping dogs an appropriate distance apart. Volunteers are expected to transport dogs in their personal vehicle. Qualified volunteers can sign up in My Impact up to 24 hours in advance. Each volunteer in the group will be assigned a dog to transport and walk with. Supplies such as crates, poop bags, and water bowls will be provided by the shelter. Qualifications: must be 16+ years old, signed a Volunteer Agreement, have attended New Volunteer Orientation, and completed Dog Safety/Level 1 Training.

If these opportunities prove to be popular with volunteers, we may add additional days per week for each. We also will continue to think creatively about how volunteers can continue to help without being in the building.

Cat Volunteers – We know that you want to continue to help as well. Unfortunately, all work with cats is inside the building at this time. If you would like to cross-train for the above dog opportunities, please email Lee Ann at volunteer.manager@clermontanimalcare.org so we can get you started. Otherwise, we ask for your patience and hope that you will stay a part of our team as we navigate this unusual situation!

If employees get sick or are otherwise unable to come to work, we will need our volunteers! We are putting together an Emergency Animal Care Team of volunteers to be on-call and fill in if this happens. The number of people in the facility will still be limited so as to limit exposure risk while still providing needed care to our animals. To join the team, please complete Emergency Animal Care Training in My Impact.

We are also still in need of temporary emergency fosters, for both dogs and cats. If you are interested in fostering, please email foster.coordinator@clermontanimalcare.org so that we can help to place an animal with you!

Interested in Doing More?

We have some open volunteer roles that we are looking to fill – dogs, cats, and administrative! Please email volunteer.manager@clermontanimalcare.org if interested in learning more!

  • Off-Site Cat Care Leader for Petco Milford
  • Off-Site Adoption Event Leader for PetPeople Anderson
  • Off-Site Adoption Event Leader for Petco Amelia
  • Volunteer Services Assistant
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Please join us in wishing happy birthday to our March birthday volunteers: Ace Brown, Shirley Dethlefson, Kennedy Glaser, Jennifer Guido, Dylan Jaymes, Elizabeth Kelley, Sylvia McNamara, Jennifer Miner, Suzanne Nall, Melanie Sheldon, Amy Taylor, and Cassady Williams. We hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

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Please join us in thanking and congratulating the following volunteers on the March anniversary of their volunteering!

  • 2 years: Christine Callihan and Sandi Norris
  • 1 year: Ken Barg and Chrissy Zimmerman
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We are in need of foster homes for dogs currently at the shelter! Please email Melanie Garrison, Dog Foster Coordinator, at foster.coordinator@clermontanimalcare.org if you can help!

Traditional Fosters

The following dogs are in need of traditional (foster until adopted) foster homes.

Short-Term Fosters

The dogs above, as well as those following, are in need of a short-term (1-2 weeks) foster homes.

Day Trip/Overnight Fosters

The dogs above, as well as those following, are in need of a day trip or overnight foster homes.

Kitten season is coming!! We will need foster homes for incoming kittens. Kitten season traditionally runs from the end of April through the end of October. Based on last year, we are expecting approximately 150 kittens under 11 months old to be brought into the shelter. We are in particular need of bottle baby fosters, but will need foster homes for all ages of kittens until they weigh enough to be spayed/neutered and ready for adoption! If interested in helping, please email Meg Ragle-Smith, Cat Foster Coordinator, at foster.coordinator@clermontanimalcare.org.

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Thank you!! With your help, here are the number of animals that have found new homes with your support.

2020 Cat Adoptions


2020 Dog Adoptions


2020 Total Adoptions

All Cat Adoptions


All Dog Adoptions


Total All Adoptions

Here are some of the images of the animals that have found new forever the past few weeks due to your efforts – THANK YOU!

On February 1, we received 29 dogs from a partner shelter in Texas. Taking these dogs in helped Palm Valley Animal Society to achieve a no-kill month for the first time in its 30-year history! We want to thank all of the foster volunteers who took in animals from this group, both in preparation for My Furry Valentine and for those with medical needs like heartworm. And thank you to Eric Robertson and Kim Bush for helping with intake of all these animals. Your help gave us the opportunity to continue to take local dogs in as well as to get to know these Texas dogs better! Thank you so much!!
Thank you to over 2 dozen volunteers who helped to make 2020 My Furry Valentine a success! 36 animals found their forever homes during the 2-day event!
Clermont Animal CARE My Furry Valentine Volunteers
Clermont Animal CARE Microchipping
Thank you to Lois Abbott, Cheryl Bigelow, Janette Bossar, Pam Chialastri, Shirley Dethlefson, Andrea Derrick, Larissa Gottschlich, Christina Hausoul, Hubert Hausoul, Sonya Jolivette, Debbie Knechtly, Tracy Samuel, Liz Snyder, and Tracy Tattershall for helping with Dog License Sales and Microchipping! Tabling and drive thru services that they provided at Jungle Jim’s, Park National Bank, and the shelter resulted in nearly 100 dog license sales and 48 animals microchipped in the last 2 weeks of February! That’s in addition to sales at the shelter during the extended amnesty month! These sales help to fund the shelter and both dog licenses and microchipping help us to reunite lost animals much quicker with their families!
Thank you to our amazing off-site adoption event volunteers who helped with the PetPeople Anderson and Petco Amelia events on March 7 and March 14! Badger and Wonder Woman both found their forever homes at these events!
Cleront Animal CARE Volunteers at Amelia Petco

Thank you to Eric Robertson for helping with our off-site adoption event at the Cincinnati Auto Show! Jimmy was adopted as a direct result of the event (his family met him there and came to the shelter later to adopt!). And, we received not only nearly $50 in cash donations at the event, but also a $750 check from Subaru for participating!

Thank you to all of our incredible foster volunteers who have answered the call to get animals out of the shelter as we face the the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19!!

Volunteer Services Support

Here are the best ways to contact someone in our Volunteer Services Department during the hours of 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday.

  • Email our Volunteer Manager.
  • Call the Shelter at (513) 732-8854 and ask to speak to the Volunteeer Manager.
  • Use one of the methods above to make an appointment with the Volunteer Manager and come to the shelter to see them.

Contact Volunteer Leaders

You can contact the following volunteer leaders via email.

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We are always in need of the following items! Most can be easily purchased and shipped directly to the shelter via our Amazon Wish List!

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