Animal Shelter Volunteer Opportunities in Clermont County

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society! Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization – we couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers!!

Volunteers are in every part of our organization and we want to help you find the best way to use your time and talents to help Clermont County’s homeless pets! Whether you want to work longer term with dogs, cats, or help with administrative items, we have opportunities for you to be integral in the life of an animal in need. Just need short-term hours for school, a program, or for the court? We have opportunities for you, too! Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity for your small team or group from school or work? We need you too!

Volunteer at the Clemont County Animal Shelter

Let’s Get Started!

  • If you intend to volunteer regularly and for at least 3 months, click here (opens in a new tab) to complete a volunteer application!

    Complete Volunteer Application

    (application opens in a new tab)

  • If you are looking to complete community service hours for school, a program, or as court-mandated, click here (opens in a new tab) to complete an application!

    Complete Service Application

    (application opens in a new tab)

  • If you are a representative for a team or group of 3-10 members who would like to schedule a group volunteer session, please click here to email Volunteer Services!

    Email Volunteer Services

Thanks so much for helping us save more lives!

Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions


What can I do as a volunteer?


  • Morning cat care to get the cat rooms cleaned and the cats ready to welcome adopters.
  • Evening “tuck-in” of cats to make sure they have all they need for the night.
  • At your home: foster!
  • Coming soon
    • Spending time with cats to help socialize them and provide them with enrichment.
    • Afternoon/evening help getting cats adopted as an Adoption Host!


  • Morning dog care to assist employees with cleaning and feeding of our dogs.
  • Afternoon/evening dog walking to get dogs out and provide needed enrichment to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Saturday morning dog bathing to keep our dogs healthy and looking and feeling good.
  • Grooming by volunteers with professional grooming experience to help clean up animals who come to use with overgrown and matted coats.
  • Weekend morning/afternoon off-site adoptions to get our dogs out at local businesses and community events so they can be seen and adopted!
  • At your home: foster!
  • Coming soon
    • Advance as a dog volunteer, learning from our Dog Program Manager, to teach dogs basic manners and commands that will make them more adoptable.
    • Advance even farther to assist our Dog Program Manager with dogs who need help with behavior issues
      Help with play groups so that our dogs get exercise and socialization time with other dogs.

Administrative and Others

  • Photographing adoptable animals.
  • Writing biographies of animals for adopters to get to know them.
  • Data entry
  • Return phone calls.
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Make Kongs and other enrichment items.
  • Transport of animals and donations.
  • Fundraising events
What can I do as a volunteer? da Administrator
How old do you have to be to volunteer at the shelter?

All volunteers must be 13+ years of age and be able to work independently.

  • 13-15 year olds – cannot work directly with animals, but may create Kong enrichments, do laundry, wash dishes and assist with general cleaning.
  • 16+ year olds may work with dogs or cats, as well as in administrative roles.

All volunteers must be able to work independently, regardless of age.

How old do you have to be to volunteer at the shelter? da Administrator
Can I complete my school or court-ordered community service at Clermont Animal CARE?

Yes! Our Community Service volunteer program is ideal for those who need to earn hours on a short-term basis, without a long-term commitment. You may complete an application here (opens in a new tab). Please note the following:

  • Community Service Volunteers do not work directly with our animals.
  • We reserve the right to refuse court-ordered service, dependent on the charges.
Can I complete my school or court-ordered community service at Clermont Animal CARE? da Administrator
What is the time commitment for volunteers?

Our general expectation is that our volunteers commit to a regular volunteer schedule (monthly, biweekly, or weekly). The minimum monthly time commitment is generally 2-4 hours. Volunteers who are inactive for 3 months are removed from our program roster.

What is the time commitment for volunteers? da Administrator
Will I receive training to volunteer?

Yes! It is very important to us that you have the knowledge and tools to work with our animals and on behalf of our organization. All volunteers are required to complete New Volunteer Orientation (online) and those working with dogs or cats are required to complete role-specific training with our program managers.

Will I receive training to volunteer? da Administrator
Can I bring my team from school or work in to volunteer?

Yes! We welcome teams of 3-10 members to volunteer at the shelter! Please email our Volunteer Services so we can arrange details.

We generally like to match volunteer groups with walking dogs. But, we have other seasonal opportunities, like landscaping and making enrichment items as well.

Can I bring my team from school or work in to volunteer? da Administrator
Volunteer da Administrator
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We need YOUR HELP to ensure that Clermont County animal shelter receives the funding it needs to keep animals safe. For far too long, county government has underfunded the animal services budget and tragically, animals have suffered as a result. As recently as 2011, 81% of animals who entered the shelter were killed.

Today, Save Rates are at an all-time high and pets are finally safe in Clermont County - for the moment. But unless elected officials that you demand fair funding for the people and animals of Clermont County, we risk losing all the tremendous lifesaving progress that has been made in the past two years.

To support the Fight for Fair Funding, please click the button below to sign our online petition.