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How to Report an Animal Complaint

Make an Animal Complaint in Clermont County, Ohio
Our Animal Services department is on-call 24/7 to provide animal control services to Clermont County. Please note that we value public education and work within the constraints of Ohio Revised Code to enforce animal-related laws in our county. Thank you for your support! You are our eyes and ears in the community.

In the case of an animal complaint, please:

  1. Call our Animal Services department at (513) 732-2231 or our shelter at (513) 732-8854. If you reach voicemail, please leave detailed information about the complaint you are making, the address or location the complaint is occurring and contact information for you in case we have follow-up questions. We are checking our phones throughout open hours and usually respond to complaints within 48 hours depending on the urgency of the report.
  2. If you continue to have a complaint after our Officers have addressed your complaint, please contact us again to report continued issues.
  3. You may stay anonymous when making a complaint but it is helpful to have your contact information in case we need to ask follow-up questions.

Dog Licensing Clermont County, Ohio

By law, all dogs in the State of Ohio three months and older must be licensed by January 31st of each year, or within 30 days of bringing a new dog into your family (ORC 955.01). The standard licensing period runs December 1st through January 31st. After that date, the price of a late license doubles.

Licenses are available for purchase at the shelter for $16.75.

Wednesday12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Friday12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Dog Licensing Clermont County, Ohio
Besides being required by law, here are a few of the reasons why it’s important to license your pooch:

  • Licensing fees are far less expensive than the fines you can incur without one. Dog owners with unlicensed dogs can face legal citations and fines of $110, in addition to a $125 fee that can be issued if for an unlicensed dog running at large.
  • A license is a dog’s primary identification and provides an easy way to identify and contact the owner if your dog goes missing. Being licensed will drastically improve the chances of your dog being returned to you.
  • Revenue from dog license sales funds the county animal shelter and helps the animals in our care. License fees are needed for everything from food and cleaning supplies to water and electric bills, as well as for dog warden services, shelter staff and veterinary care for the thousands of homeless pets that go through the shelter’s doors every year. In fact, without community support from license fees, there is no way to keep the shelter going.
  • Licenses can also be purchased online through the county auditor’s office at

Frequently Asked Dog Licensing Questions

Dog License

Why must I purchase a dog license?

By law (ORC 955.01), all dogs in the State of Ohio three months and older must be licensed by January 31st of each year, or within 30 days of bringing a new dog into your family. The standard licensing period runs December 1st through January 31. After that date, the price of a license doubles.

Your purchase of a dog license provides funding and support for Clermont Animal CARE’s activities to support the return and re-homing of lost and homeless animals in Clermont County. A dog license also increases the chances your lost pet makes his or her way back home.

Why must I purchase a dog license? da Administrator

Pet Microchipping Cincinnati, OH

Pet Microchipping Cincinnati, OH
According to the Michelson Foundation, 1 in 3 pets become lost at some point, and 90% of them never return home without an ID. Microchipping is a simple and permanent form of pet identification that reveals your pet’s unique ID number when scanned.

At Clermont Animal CARE, we want to give every pet the very best chance of finding its way home. We offer microchipping to community members for a fee of $25, available during our normal business hours. An appointment is not required, but we suggest you call the shelter at (513) 732-8854 in advance, to confirm availability.

With our “Free Ride Home” program, if our Animal Control Officers find your pet and its microchipped, they will return your pet to your home and avoid a trip to the shelter if your animal is microchipped and registered with current information. Please note that if you are not home or the pet is brought to the shelter for scanning by a member of the public, you will need to come pick up your pet.

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